can I connect my american audio mxd 19 mixer?

I’m having trouble allowing TT1 & TT2 to connect with independent channels on my American Audio MXR 19. Both TT’s coming out of one channel. Tried using different channel yet no success.

Anyone configure their American Audio MXR mixer with success with Algoriddim?

All the best… Will. Sacramento CA

Hi Will,

djay doesn’t support routing the turntables to specific channels. However, you can still use an external mixer using this trick.

Hi Jim,

Haven’t tested that device yet either but generally speaking, yes you do need a mixer with a built in audio interface if you want to use it for pre-cueing. To set it up, please try the following:

open djay > Preferences > Devices

select your Mixer for Main and/or Pre-cueing output

Hi Warren,

I am trying to do the same thing with my american audio 19 MXR.

Using the MIDI map in djay, I am able to set “Turntable 1” and “Turntable 2” commands for the MIDI Log 1 channel fader and MIDI Log 2 channel fader of the mixer.

However, I cannot get the headphone “Precueing” to work through the mixer. With your above comment, are you saying that this is not possible? Unless there is a separate USB sound card?

Please advise. Thank you.