Can I preset track start & stop time in djay pro??

Can I transfer the same pre-set start and stop time I’ve programmed into my itunes for a track into djay pro?
In itunes I clicked on the track, clicked on ‘edit’ clicked on ‘options’ and was able to edit the start and stop time of the track.
This information is not transferred into the track use in djay pro.
Is it possible to re-edit the track start and stop time within the djay pro app?
Thank You for your experience, help and direction on this one.

Do you mean Cue Points?

If you are using a Mac, you can set End Cue point. But only a Mac can set the End not iOS devices. All devices can set a Start Cue point. As far as where to set them, you’ll need to have Mixing experience to know this.

Hey Bob,
Those start/stop times are created within djay, not iTunes.
Are you using a Mac?
Create them yourself
Note: Update on my comment above:
iOS can now create Start and End cue points along with the Mac.
Q and T left deck,
Y and P right deck.
Alt/ Option used to set on Mac.

If have djay for a mobile device, djay will cloud those cue points. So yes you have to do this to all your song, but only once. .

That’s new news to me.
I’ve been a djay user since djay 1. Never see that. Sorry couldn’t help. But trust me. You do want the new cue point there from djay. It’s worth the time, they’ll be clouded. Have a great day

Yes, thank you ~ I am needing help as to how exactly to set the cue points: Do I do it while playing the track? Or just when the track is on the ‘deck’ but not playing. And, in what order do I set the cue point? Meaning: I go and click on ‘start cue point’ and then do what exactly to place that cue point? I just need exact hand holding on this because I am an absolute beginnner. If you could simply walk me through the exact sequence of steps to place the cue points I’d be greatly appreciative. thank you very much for your help

So just to clarify: if you can enumerate the exact sequence of steps and clicks to take to set the start and endpoint cues that would be greatly super duper helpful to me

Hi–found this OP and want to follow up.  I just installed djay Pro 2, and it’s not recognizing almost any of the iTunes start/stop times. I have the Preferences set to use start/stop times if available, and they’re in the iTunes library.  If djay recognizes start/stop times, there will be a little grey triangle at that point in the waveform.  For a few songs, it’s there.  But for the majority of my 15k+ songs, it’s not.  Any ideas?

Fred, thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t really answer my question. In djay 4.2.3 (non-pro version), djay read and displayed a “pin” at the iTunes end-of-song marker which I defined in iTunes long before djay was a thing.  See attached picture.

The djay pro version doesn’t appear to read these from the .xml file, and I really don’t want to go through each of my 15K songs to define them in djay if I can help it.

Any ideas?