Can I put video clips in a queue for visuals to sync with automix based on a song-playlist?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am using djay pro 2 on a Macbook. I’m typically the organiser of the events where I’m the master of sound, which means that I have time spans where I enjoy using predefined playlists and automix.
I have two issues when I run the vjay function at the same time, typically with split video/audio function.

a) when I select a clip in the video mode before I leave, the playlist that is used by automix is the list of clips instead of the music playlist - which actually “kills” the sound.

b) If I select a video-clip before leaving and change back to the music playlist, it will repeat the same clip all the time and just fade between what’s selected on the left and right screen.

Am I’m doing something wrong here? I’m a little bit oldschool - I prefer to use the turntables view. Though in that case, my ideal interface would be the four track display, where two tracks are assigned to visuals and two for the audio…

Thanks for comments!