Can I queue multiple playlists in Automix or only one at a time?

I have multiple playlists on my touch and want to be able to queue more than one at a time. Is that possible with Automix?

Hi Doug,

Thank you for contacting us.

You can only select one playlist at a time. However, you can use the Queue instead and just add all the songs from the playlists.

  1. Open the library
  2. Go to the playlist
  3. Tap “More” > “Add All Songs to Queue”
  4. Repeat for the other playlists

I recently purchased djay2 for iPhone. I’ve added my Spotify playlist (177 songs) to the queue. Then, added the 1st song from the queue into left desk. Play and started Automix. Somehow, Automix will queue the rest of songs that are not in the queue. It seems like Automix is picking the songs directly from Spotify instead of the queue. Any ideas or incorrect settings on my end?