can i still get djay pro for my iphone somehow?

was djay pro for iphone an extra purchase? i own djay pro for ipad. and if so. can i still get it for my iphone somehow? thanks! kai

hi lukas,

this is very unfortunate! really no way to get the discontinued app???

costwise it is much better for you with one app and subscription. but not for the user!

the new version is terrible and unusable for me in free mode. i mentioned this already in other threads and occasions. but unfortunately you want to stick to the new version and cost model. even more unfortunate is the fact that i can’t find a proper alternative app. i am really very frustrated about this development!!!

regards, kai

hi there. any news for me?

btw: have you read the reviews in the german app-store? click on “most fav”. 80% give one star for the subscription model. i really hope this will have some effect on you and that you rethink your descision.
i for my part might have found an alternative app after a longer research and will leave djay for good soon but still very sad about this!!!

Hi iTurtle,

Yes, djay Pro for iPhone and djay Pro for iPad were separate purchases.

Creating applications especially for the used operating system is costly, which was one of our main reasons to adapt to a subscription made model. 

That way we can provide you with an app for the iPad and the iPhone simultaneously.

Unfortunately djay Pro for iPhone is no longer purchasable.

Lukas E.