Can I Use 2 DDJ 200s at the same time to control 4 decks? (On Mac)

I own a DDJ 200 and use four deck mode, but for deck 3 and 4 i just use the mouse and keyboard, but if i buy another DDJ 200, could I make it control deck 3 and 4 somehow.

Thank You In Advance!

buy a reloop mixtour instead : with the first DDJ200 you can control deck 1&2 of Djay with bluetooth and with the mixtour you can control deck 3 and 4 and you add a browse button and you charge your iPad :wink:

oh i didn’t see you were on Mac … but on iPad it works out of the box :slight_smile: you just need to midi remap the mixtour to deck 3 and 4

it should be possible but i just gave you my setup. i wonder if your mac can see 2 ddj200 at the same time … perhaps yes …

could i not just remap a second djj 200

Thanks man, sorry didn’t mean to be rude :slight_smile: