Can I use Both Microphone Inputs from Denon MC4000 with Djay Pro (Windows)

I am considering purchasing the Denon MC4000 controller and I would like to know If it will have all features functional with Djay Pro Windows as far as microphones are concerned (using both inputs and echo effect knob specifically). Does anybody have first-hand experience using this controller with this software? Thank you!

So I just purchased a pioneer controller and the Mic is a function of it.
DJay has no bearing on the mics for mine and I am assuming the same for yours.

Thank you for the reply!

I appreciate you letting me have a more informed purchasing decision. Cheers!

To confirm I just found this in the official MC4000 User Guide:

"Important: The audio signals from the microphones are routed directly to the Master
Outputs. They are not routed into/through the software. "

Looks like the mics will work!