Can I use the match function to search a specific Spotify playlist

Thanks Darrick. I can’t request a “matched” song off say the minimal deep tech playlist though can I? I thought it was a bit of a no brainer that I would be able to do something like that but it seems not. I know a good dj would know his or her tunes well enough not to need the match function but as a hobbyist I just don’t have time to get to know all the tunes on my playlists so a bit of artificial assistance would be awesome. Maybe something to consider for the next update if you’re listening mr Algoriddim?

I do not believe so. However, you can perform a Spotify search within djayPRO and find playlists that may contain what you’re looking for. (e.g., “Minimal Deep Tech”)

Tip: I follow Spotify playlists that I use often so they come up in my Library within djayPRO.

Good idea. Something like “search this playlist for matched songs”

I used to play out a bit in another life, and my tracks were more top of mind. But now, I’m in the same hobbyist mode, and for me, that would help me on the fly to pull in tracks while in the mix. :slight_smile: