can not find my songs en djay 2

Using djay 2 ipad2 ios 8.1 Transferring songs from my computer to djay 2 through itunes BUT once in the ipad: where are they? Djay has a “my files” option … they are not there… Please, thanks for your help

Hi Juan,

djay 2 directly integrates your iTunes library. So, just tap the music load button and you should be able to see your entire music library.

By the way, how exactly did you sync your songs to your iPad? Note that you just have to sync your music and not actually add the files to djay’s File Sharing folder.

Ah ok, that’s why. Please see here on how to sync your music to your iPad:…

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Hi Warren,

I am a begginer with DJay2 (2.7.2 version) for Ipad2. How do I play “my” songs? I do the following:

Enter itunes
Once in itunes, Enter Ipad (cable connected)
Enter “Apps”
Enter Djay2
Add a song from my notebook
I quit itunes, go to Djay2, BUT where is the song supposed to be found?
“My files” looks empty…

Thank you!

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