Can not set audiodevices

If I try to set the Output,Headphones and MIc
the selection is always going back to “Kein Wert”.

Bought the Software Saturday via APP Store.

Is there a chance to get DJ 4.x.x back ?


My set up was :

Output : Integrated Output from IMAC
MIC : Samson Meteor USB MIC
Headphone : Firewire Interface Phonic Firefly 302

works with the previous versions fine.

It reset all settings , after clicking “Anwenden” it is as discribed

It seems that DJ pro creates “Aggregate Audio Device” in “Audio MIDI Setup”
after deleting all “Aggregate Audio Device” and restarting the software it works.
Not really nice.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Heiko. We’ll keep that in mind!

Are you using a controller or external soundcard?

Does it reset all of your settings or just one?
And did you try to hit the “Anwenden” button?

Just diggin around as you already did i guess.