Can someone explain this

I’ve bought the full version on android and I love it,I’ve also got iPad and it looks a bit crisper but that’s just because of the retina display so why why have I got to pay yet again for the full version on iOS …

When you buy call of duty for the pc, you expect a disc for your PS4 also?

I just tought it was kind of a dumb question. My mistake. I never guessed it was a real serious question. But if you come so far, you can buy something in the google store, i tought you knew the apple store is something totaly different, like pc and ps4.

First off, djay 2 for Android and djay 2 for iPad are two separate softwares. We had to built both of them individually.
Also, transferring purchases from Android to iOS is not possible, as these are totally different platforms.

Thanks for the info

Thanks very much for your reply I feel so much better now,you have been very helpful