Can’t change pitch anymore

Since the update a few months ago, I can no longer change the pitch on songs on my iPhone. Any advice? Am I just not seeing the setting?

Thank you in advance!

When you say pitch, do you mean key or tempo?

Sorry, I’m a bit of a musical novice. I mean key. I’m a baritone and like to sing songs by a lot of artists who are tenors. Therefore I need to drop the key into my range.

The weird thing is, I can easily do this on my Mac app. Just no longer on my iPhone.

Just tried on my iPhone and it works fine. You’re tapping on the key displayed in the deck, to bring up the key window (showing - 0 +) and you’re tapping on either the - or + symbols?

That was so strange! I went back in the app and the option to adjust the key was not present. I deleted and re-installed the app, then the key change functionality was back. It looks like I’m all set.

Thanks for your help! Take care.

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