Can’t link Denon DJ MC2000

Hi, I’ve already emailed customer service but still no reply, so I’m going to try my luck here.

I’ve connected my recently purchased MC2000 to my iPad Air 3 (iPadOS 13) and on Djay Pro subscription.

I’ve followed all instructions I’ve found online and the manual with the proper cables and adapters.
The controller lights up, so it does work, but I don’t get a pop up asking if I want to pair !the controller, nor can I find it in the MIDI settings on the app.

Please help! I have a show coming up in a few days! Thank you! Appreciate your help :blush:


Hi @Ryan_Pittam,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community.

Could you please install the following app and check if the controller is capable of sending MIDI signals to your iPad:

Hi! So right now I’m having the same problem here. Denon MC2000 Using Apple USB 3 to lightning adapter on a iPad (5th Gen) running iPadOS 14.1
I’m also sub to Djay Pro.

In MIDI Wrench, I Don’t Seem to be able to receive MIDI Data

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