Can’t see music files name before download it

In IPhone version we got a bug; Can’t see music files name before download it on iCloud Files.

Last versions it was able to see the name of files before download it.

This last version you have to download all files on folder and then choose the right track.

This is a mess because we lost time and hard drive space.

Can we configure to keep like last version?

Hi @Wilbor,

  1. What version of djay Pro are you using?
  2. What iOS version are you using?
  3. Please log out of iCloud on your iPhone,
  4. Close djay Pro and perform a Forced Restart of your iPhone (Force restart iPhone - Apple Support).
  5. Once rebooted, log back into iCloud and relaunch djay.
  6. If the problem still exists, please share some screenshots of the issue.


The Version is 5.1

I’ll do the steps and tell what happens

Hi @Wilbor, just following up to see if you’re still having this issue. Thanks!

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