Can the Ddj 1000srt be used with the new crossfader effects?

The plug and play detects the controller as an external mixer, which my understanding is if the crossfader in the software doesn’t move the faster effects cannot be used? Am I missing something? Can I use as internal and map the crossfader? I just subscribed today to try the new features, thanks.

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@Zack_101 the new Crossfader FX are only supported in internal mixer mode. So yes, if you switch to internal mixer mode and ensure that the Crossfader is MIDI Mapped this should work. Unfortunately, I don’t have a 1000SRT to test and confirm this, but in theory it should work.

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Thanks, I have the crossfader working but now I can’t seem to configure the channels. I want simply channel 1 on the left and channel 2 on the right. I can get one channel working on it’s respected side, but can’t seem to get them both isolated.

@Zack_101 you’re welcome. Switch to 4 Deck Mode and you should be able to adjust the Crossfader assignments from there.

You can also Invert Crossfader in the Settings>MIDI Devices

I think I’m sorted on that now, thanks.

Glad to hear @Zack_101. Thanks for letting me know!

Will this also work for the Pioneer DDJ-REV7? I’m not at my setup to test, but I’m assuming I can put the Rev7 in internal mode.

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