Can the DDj-SX be mappen for controlling neural mix settings?

Hi, I just bought the iPad Pro 2020 and have installed Djay Pro AI. The controller I have is the DDJ-SX. Can the neural mix features be mapped to the DDJ-SX?

Another option I am considering is getting the Midi Twister Fighter which has a midi mapping for Djay Pro AI now. Neural Mix stem separation control with Midi Fighter Twisters + djay - DJ TechTools
Anyone with experience?

there is an “N mode” switch to have the EQs acting as Neural mix controls. It works on iPhone, iPad, Mac, everything. It is MIDI mappable and in the UI.

This works great for me, as I use the channel’s EQ knobs for adjusting the Rhythm/Melody/Vocals. It’s just perfect.

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Good! Have you tried mapping it to your controller? Which controller do you use?

I use MC7000.
i’ve mapped the toggle, yes. but it’s doable from the UI too. Look for it, very simple:

this is from the Mac version, and it’s there on the iPhone too. Don’t have an iPad around, but I bet it’s similar.

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