Can the Traktor s4 be mapped with DJay?

Since NI have seemingly left the s4 hanging is there anyway for you guys to reach out and get what’s need so we can run our s4 Kontroler with DJay


i could not run djay pro with s4 . there is no way to activate midi mode with s4 .

Hey @JMAC361 Thanks for reaching out.

As @Enzo_Spina has pointed out, there is no option for MIDI mode with the TRAKTOR Kontrol S4 MK3. Unfortunately, no mapping can be made.

I apologize for the inconvenience! My only suggestion can be to reach out to Native Instruments’ Support team, and request for MIDI Mode capability with the S4.

I wish I had a better answer for you! Feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have any other questions or suggestions and have a great rest of your day :slight_smile:

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Have you tried this:

What worked for me is after loading and closing Traktor hold down the ‘shift’ (right hand side) then when you press ‘preview’ the decks should light up. I didn’t get round to remapping but maybe this will help?

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey @ArfurGee - Welcome to the Community. Thanks for your first post :slight_smile:

I appreciate you sharing this link! This will work for the TRAKTOR Kontrol S4 MK2; however, it is the TRAKTOR Kontrol S4 MK3 that does not have MIDI mode.

So, unfortunately, this will not work (unless @JMAC361 or @Enzo_Spina have an MK1 or MK2, which I believe is not the case.)

Thank you for your support, nonetheless!

Ah yeah ok, I didn’t see any mention of which version of the S4 so my post was in relation to my Mk2 decks.

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I recently purchased a Traktor S4 and, being new to DJing, I’ve found that Djay Pro Algoriddim is incredibly user-friendly and accessible for beginners. Unfortunately, I’m disappointed because I can’t connect it to my Traktor S4 controller. Is there any possibility that this issue will be resolved in the future?

Hi @Handren_Othman if you have a MK1 or MK2 Traktor Kontrol S4 it’s possible to switch it to MIDI mode. However this is not possible with the MK3. This is a limitation of the hardware from NI which is beyond our control

Unfortunately mine is mk3, any hope this will be solved in future? Or shall i try to get rid of the controller :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Handren_Othman this would need to be addressed by Native Instruments with a firmware update I believe. This is beyond our control. You can try contacting NI directly, but it might be better to sell it and purchase a controller that is natively supported by djay Pro. You can find the hardware list for each OS below:

I also have a S4Mk3. Great gear and would be finde to use in Djay pro. But i think NI will not do this.

Yeah i think we need to get a NI for their slackness or get on the job

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