Can we get playlist ordering for Tidal within the Djay app?

With Spotify, playlists are displayed in the same order in the Djay app as the ordering in Spotify itself which makes searching much easier within Djay. I have now migrated to Tidal and it seems that playlists are stuck in the order in which they were added and have no other sort options.  Admittedly, in the Tidal app there is only the option to sort alphabetically or by date added (1 point to Spotify there) but it would be great if we could get some different sort options for your Tidal library within Djay.
Other than that, Tidal seems great so far!

It’s not possible to order the playlists in Tidal like you can in Spotify, so that’s something to complain to Tidal about I think. However, a temp fix for DJay would be to give you an option to display newest playlist first so that new playlists created in Tidal would display at the top instead of having to scroll down to the bottom of the list in DJAY.

 App update came out today, should help.

This is the ios App yeah? Because I just updated my desktop Tidal app today to V  and still can’t sort my playlists in Tidal manually. And to the original poster’s point, it’s not about sorting them in Tidal, it’s about being able to sort them in the DJay app. Which, to his point, I agree is a real pain not being able to do. I have a ton of playlists and they are a jumbled mess in Djay. (And don’t get me started with the fact that Tidal doesn’t have folders for your playlists - I’d kill for that)

Yes!   Would very much like to see chronological sorting in TIDAL.  Thanks!

Agree! I had all my Spotify lists sorted for when I play and now they are scattered all over the place. I’m manually making playlist in Djay Pro, so double the work. 

let me know if you get a solution please :slight_smile:

I’d love this. The tidal update only appears to allow ordering within the playlist rather than playlists themselves.