Can we have an option to not mirror cue and play buttons

I like the option to change cue/jump buttons to a CUE button, great, more like most controllers BUT when Play and Cue are side by side Play button should ALWAYS be on the right of the cue button.

You build a muscle memory hitting play-cue-play-cue-play.

Seeing them the wrong way round on the left deck on the screen just feels weird!

Photos of various controllers compared to software below for examples…

Feels like getting in a car and someone has swapped the accelerator and brake around. Very weird.

Think you’ll need to take that up with Hercules dude, this forum is for the software

Read the post, the pictures of the controllers are just examples to show the play button should always be to the right of the cue button… Except in the software (last pic) on the left deck it isn’t!

Sorry I did miss read it

Hi @Tony_Jey,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I can definitely see where you’re coming from and I will gladly pass this feedback along to our developers so that they can take a better look at this feature request from your point of view.

Have a nice day!

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