Can we have some skins please?

Please can we have some skins for DJay? It’s the best, and best-looking iOS DJ app there is… but some skin options would be amazing. Even if it’s just a few different colour options? Can it come in white?

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Add more skins and/or the ability for users to create skins. The turntable isn’t really necessary for those of us with controllers. Not only will this make the app more versatile, but also help create a larger community on forums, etc.

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There are MANY more functionality requests & bug fixes which are more important and provide actual benefit, rather than aesthetics.

can you design some new skins? maybe denons or cdj’s or similar?

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New skins.

Please design some new skins please, really bored of the current one!

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Please please please…this app has just brought me back to Djaying after years and I have tried the rest like Virtual DJ, Tractor etc n this app is solid. The only flaw I have with this is a skins. Not for beaty or changing interface to resemble other industry’s decks etc. No No No…We need alternative skins for quick access to all effects such as all 3 cue point buttons on the main screen instead of being 3 touches away in overlay screens. I say leave colour scheme as it is as I like it but add direct access to effects please!!! They is ample space for it on he iPad interface. Also auto beat syncing would be a welcomed…

I even go as far as saying make it an in-app purchase extra for various ones, thereby generating a few pennies whilst you at it??


Ther Return of The Mac

Skins is just not compatible with the idea of Apple products, at least the software side. But it would be awesome if the community could make them themselfes and exchange them.

please make/invent some new skins please,

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I know it’s vain but is there any CD skins available for Djay as the vynl skin is a bit dated…I’m just saying…

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Any Upto date skins in the creation pipeline….

Djay 2 application should present us with another skin, a modern skin maybe based on a CDJ model.
Because I think that we can say that, finally, the vinyl age ended… Look at the summer season at Ibiza, every DJ nowadays is either using Pioneer CDJ decks or software based decks like Deckadance, VirtualDJ or Traktor. In my opinion there is no points in staying freezed with good old vinyl player model.

I’d like more room to browse thru my tracks. A new skin minus any kind of pretend turntable would be great. Maybe just 2 wav form windows? I use a controller thats got turntables on it so don’t need 2 virtual ones on my laptop screen.

A couple thoughts are 1. allow users an API to write there own. Or 2. decide it is worth jumping in an make it an in app purchase. Or maybe you do not see it at all. I can see someone with a jazzed up skin and are asked about in and the DJ proudly says this is DJay.

If it’s not compatible then let us download many different versions of the same core software with different look.
The deck is alien looking.

I think it has become compatible now. I just tried it and my eyelid looks fascinating.