Can we please have SCRATCHBANKS 📀

Hey there… I think i would be nice to have scratch banks… Very usefuly when being creative with scratching… Loading samples all the time is a headache esp with the iphone… And also you could allow more that 8 banks to be saved like virtual dj… Banks are loaded like playlists… They have a very good scratch bank engine! Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Thank you for your suggestion!

This is an interesting idea and I will be sure to pass this along to our development team for future consideration!

Please know that we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and our team must carefully consider and prioritize all feedback that we receive.

In addition, if other users also feel these features would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community!


I was able to create and export to m3u with Musicolet Music Player for android.
The playlists auto apear on dejay Algoriddim.