Can you add a "Like" button to the djay/vjay app?

First off, love the app/software. iDJPro owner. Spun on vinyl many moons ago…much more fun than I remember. I was wondering if you guys were able to add a rating or like button on the app. I have so many songs and I forget which ones I enjoy playing. If I had a button that could move them to the queue or somewhere else with a quick push of a button, that would be nice. Again, awesome.
freakGENIE (Frankie)

Hi Frankie,

Thanks for your feedback.

vjay currently does not support a “Queue” at the moment, but djay 2 does. All you need to do is swipe your finger on a song from left to right to add it to the Queue.

I know about that feature. I was just wondering if there would be a possibility for a quick feature so that I didnt have to go back into the playlist and do that way. Thanks anyways.