Can you increase the pitch accuracy on iPhone 4s

first off, this is a great app, it’s left my two vestal turntables, and two CDJs rather lonesome.

I pretty much use this app on my iPhone, and iPod touch exclusively when having a mix.

There’s one major flaw though. the pitch accuracy kind of sucks. Would you be able to remove the pitch zero lock as trying to match anything within +_ 0.1 % is impossible.

Also some extra sensitivity is needed: increments of 0.01%

And most of all, a better method to finely adjust the pitch slider. I’d suggest two buttons to nudge the pitch up down by the smallest increment.

I’d even pay for this upgrade as I think this can rival the big decks!

Hi David,

The smallest increment is determined by the speed slider range.
If you set the range to 8% and enable Fine Adjust then you’ll be able to change the speed by steps of ± 0.01%.

Also, our developers are already working on the “snapping to zero” issue. The problem is actually not the snapping itself but the “blind spot” around the zero position.

I already use the fine pitch with, 0.01 accuracy, forgot when I wrote my post. just find it hard to set pitch as when you take finger off it moves the slider. some extra buttons would be cool.

also another cool feature - an ability to use a device in a new “one deck only mode” where you turn your devices on the side and have option to have two tabs open at a time e.g pitch adjustment and loop etc.