Can you output in mono from idj pro after upgrade to v1.6.3.

This may seem like an odd question but I’d like to know if its possible to output a mono signal from the idj pro after upgrading to v1.6.3. At present with my PA I run mono and so the multi channel audio upgrade in v1.6.3. presents me with a problem. Most professional mixers have a mono/stereo output switch so wondered if you had incorporated this in the software upgrade - if not what has happened to the split output mode?.

I am holding off upgrading to v1.6.3 and the firmware update as a result



Hi Nick,

How is your PA connected to the iDJ Pro (or iPad) now?

Hi Nick,

Sorry, just checked back with our team. Mono output is not possible in the new version.

Hi Fernando,

We’ve never tested that setup so can’t say for sure.

That’s great, thanks for the info!

At present I use one balanced xlr channel out of the idj pro to feed one channel of a 2 way active crossover. I then feed the mono hi/mid signal into one channel of my amp and the bass signal into the other channel. So I’m running bi amped but using one amplifier - which is convenient for me. If I have a stereo source I will need to buy another amp - one for top/mid and one for bass. Not the end of the world but need to know before I upgrade as I have bookings.

Hi, is it possible to use the “Accessibility” Setting to MONO and i must work to output MONO signal ?

I have the same issue, connecting a Bose L1 Compact to the iDJPRO using 1 Balanced XLR.

Thanks for the answer.

Thanks, I tried and it works. If you set the accesibility to mono using iDjPro, it runs Mono on each channel.