Can You use native instrument traktor controller on djay pro?

Hi so im getting native instrument traktor controller and i wanna know if the djay pro is supported to that controller?

Hi guys,

just like Dysfunk DJ pointed out, you can set up your Traktor controller to midi mode for mapping it with djay Pro for the Mac.
Which Traktor controller do you have in mind?

Lukas E.

Hi there,

after setting the S4 into midi mode, you can map the controller with the help of the Native Instruments Controller Editor for djay Pro.

If you need help with the mapping, please let us know.

Lukas E.

It’s not supported no but If it’s for Djay pro Mac then you could map it yourself in midi mode only but if it’s for iPad or iPhone then no. Why get a NI controller and want to use Djay when NI controllers are built for Traktor? Always amuses me that one. Why not get a controller that’s built for Djay.

Hi Lukas so I was thinking to get NI traktor kontrol s4 mk2 or numark controller and use it with the Mac djay pro

Traktor S4. I would want to use it to sync my Spotify Playlist