Cancelled my Tidal Subscription

So I cancelled my Tidal sub today. Stems is too important to me and I don’t understand why they are being buttheads about the matter. If it’s something legally, get it in order so people can use the feature on their DJ software. I mainly mix for myself, my wife, and rarely on Twitch. I’m not turning a profit at all because my Twitch account is not partnered or affiliate yet. Let me use it just to have some fun. Anyway I still have Soundcloud Go, Amazon Music, and Beatsource. Between those 3 I’ve been just fine getting good music to play both on my main setup of a Pioneer S11 w/ turntables and a Numark Mixsteam Pro Go. The Pro Go is one of, I believe, 3 controllers that have the Amazon music chip so you can play that music on it. Amazon Music has a HUGE library, and I hope DJ Pro gets access to it at some point. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


IMO this is probably just the first instance we’ll see. Yes of course it’s “something legal” - the artists/labels own the copyright, so they don’t want people extracting parts of their work and modifying it.

There’s already a crazy amount of copyrighted music being sampled and released under different names, all over the internet. Being able to separate stems makes it worse.

It will probably end up being applied to all streaming sites, so if DJs wish to use stems they’ll have to buy the music (as they had to do before streaming).

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so amazon works with neuralmix?

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Access to Amazon is only on devices that have the chip, so certain Denon products. That’s it.

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I love music but hate the industry. Such a self-serving conglomerate (labels and people doing illegals). Spotify integration was the best but if you’ve been around for a while you know how that went. It was the reason I started using DJay. I don’t like Tidal at all either. Been trying to live with it but it’s hard. Going to just pony up and buy the MP3s I want and not be tethered to any streaming service.
Didn’t know Amazon Music worked with any DJ software/controllers. Interesting…

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So when the reason for this decision is, that they don’t want us to extract parts of their work, why is it still possible with tracks we have bought. Makes no sense to me


If you buy the track, then what you do is out of their hands. Strictly speaking, you still should not mess with their work, but there’s little they can do.

With streamed music, they can control what is and is not possible. You’re only renting it.

When you rent a film online, they control how many times you can watch it. If you buy it, you can watch as many times as you like.

I will be doing the same if the constant message telling me Neural Mix won’t work with Tidal doesn’t stop popping up. Infuriating.

Tidal have sent out a survey with a bunch of questions about their service, including stem separation.

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Stems will be back I think, for a price. Maybe for offline use only.

I replied that I’m cancelling Tidal too.
I’m also cancelling my subscription to Djay.
If they fix it, I might reconsider.
If they start price gouging, I will not.

Ok. Let us all know how you get on with other platforms with Tidal.

I also canceled my Tidal Account, also Beatport and Beatsource, I´m not a professional DJ just a bedroom DJ, so It was ridiculous for me paying all that money. Insted I found Bandcamp, there is tons of good music and I also prefer to buy songs directly from the creators, And I own the music now, like old good days…

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ohh I forgot, for me the worst thing about Tidal was that I cant even mix Tidals music with any other music, Because I had Beatport and Beatsource also, all my playlists were a Mix between the three, Suddenly I was not able to mix Tidal Music and this was a pain, I tried to search the same songs in beatsource and Even turning off tidal But Djay keep saing that I cant mix tidal music with any other source, even deleting tidal and adding the same song of another streaming service. Thats why I canceled the three of them, I dont know if this is going to happen in the future to other streaming services but I was not willing to deal with this any more, The time I invested in the playlists inside Djay now are gone. If I buy the music this is not happening again.