Cancelling a Loop without starting it?


pioneer controller has buttons for Loop In, Out and others. I can’t find a command in the MIDI configuration list to cancel once I startet creating a loop. Either the commands forces the music to jump back in time to the LoopIn point (no!!). Or the visual loop gets created forever (see picture).
I tried:

  • Loop Off, In/Out or ReLoop always jump into the loop In point - I do not want that, I want do cancel.
  • Delete Cue Point does let the music continue, yet the bright visual loop gets created till the end of the song.
  • Saved Loop1 Active does let the music continue and stops creating the visual loop - but this isn’t a appropriate command for me.

I know the problem. When in doubt, I just let the loop run once or twice, then it’s often not noticeable.

Hi @Chris_R
In a musical 8 bars phrase, starting accidentally the loop at bar 2 (and not 1) the cut within the melody makes it audible for everyone :frowning:

That’s why I wrote “often”. Sometimes it works differently, but fortunately it doesn’t happen that often, does it? :wink:

Yes, it does. Trying new tracks, preparing stuff - happens all the time to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother time from people here in the Forum :wink:

@SirHannes the best method I could find for this is the Loop Out/Off command. In my testing, I was able to press this twice quickly to end and cancel the loop before it relooped. It might also help to have Slip enabled.

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