Cannot consistently link to CDJ2000NXS2 on DJAY PRO AI 3.1.5 & 3.1.6

Hello! This is my first post here because ive not actually had any issues in my professional use of any DJAY apps in the past. First and foremost I hope im posting this question to the right category, forgive me if not.

Im one of the few DJ’s i know that use DJAY PRO and DJAY PRO AI on macOS in a professional club setting frequently in my area, and have been doing so for quite a few years now using djay pro 2.2.8.

Using 2.2.8 ive enjoyed playing countless live club and festival gigs on CDJ2000/CDJ2000nexus/and CDJ2000NXS2. Theres no issue linking these up and works fine just as you expect (external mixer mode + 2 more usb’s to the cdjs) link → press knob - > select deck. Done. Just works. I can rely on djay pro 2.2.8 to do what i need it to do when its crunch time and im about to come on stage.

Now, lets move onto DJAY pro AI 3.1.5 and 3.1.6. The above process ALMOST does the same thing, except now when i press the rotary knob in hopes of the “select deck” option to appear on the cdj, i usually DO NOT get the option to select a deck and it takes countless restarts of the cdjs and/or my software + constantly unplugging and replugging in any and all usbs to somehow miraculously get it to show a deck to pick. Basically when i press the rotary knob to select what deck i want the CDJ to control, it just doesnt respond. I just ran into this issue LIVE in the club where i was supposed to mix into another dj and to my shock, THE CDJ WOULDNT LINK!! (I had to have a few other dj’s cover a few tracks for me as i was fixing this problem…YIKES) Ultra embarrassing for someone who has been playing out on this software and speaking very highly of it for years, to get tossed by this update. I cant have this happen again in a professional setting like this.

Am i doing something wrong? Has the process of linking cdjs changed?

Notes: I tested this on cdj2000nxs2 at a friends house before going to the club where i had the same type of problem, but it does eventually connect if you mess with it. The problem is, i cannot tell you what variable is suddenly making the “choose deck” show up on the cdj. I cannot be the only person running into this problem.

Its extremely hard to explain this issue so i hope it makes some sense, If i owned the CDJ’s myself i would just post a video to show you what im dealing with. Please, i have gigs coming up and I want to be on djay pro AI 3.1.6 to use cdj-3000’s as well. Thats the only reason im not simply reverting back to 2.2.8. Help a dj out? SOS!

Macbook pro 2012, djay pro AI 3.1.6.

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Would love to learn more about this–I’m currently contemplating using Djay Pro AI for Mac in a professional club setting, and aside from relying on streaming, I’m very weary about introducing another variable into the mix with the traditional club setup.

Really hope the team is able to help shed some light on this!

As a side note–how did you overcome organizing your library and playlists without editable comments / ratings / color sections?


Thank you for getting in touch and your detailed post.

We are sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. One thing that made me curious was if the pop up was not displayed and you run into that issue, are the CDJs pre selected in the actual device settings of djay Pro AI?

This would be very interesting to check. Also if it is anyhow possible it would be really helpful to have a video displaying the whole process and issue you are running in. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you have the feeling the issue could occur a little recording would really help us a lot in order to find the root of the problem and better our djay software.

Thank you for getting in touch and we will do our best in order to find the cause.

Lukas E.

Thanks for your reply! I never had anything to overcome when it comes to library cause i dont use any of those features you mention. (editable comments / ratings / color sections) Never needed it honestly.

As im newer to djay pro AI 3 im not entirely sure what you mean by “are the cdjs pre selected in the actual device settings of djay pro ai?”

I dont recall settings for that in djay 2 but i may just be forgetting it. What would it be selecting?

Next time im connected to cdjs i can open the settings and peak around but i dont usually have a lot of time to check these things. I know a video would help immensely and ill see if i can get something like that done eventually. Might not be a quick process for that FYI.

Big update: Had another large scale gig with the software and went with djay pro 2 to remove that variable. Assuming everything would work fine… IT DIDNT! So essentially the same thing happened on djay pro 2 so im ruling out djay pro AI as the issue. Its gotta be my own old laptop or cables. Sorry for the confusion. Time to get rid of this POS laptop.

Thank you algoriddim software for getting me from the bedroom to the big stages. <3 The software is great, and im sure will work fine for you on some solid hardware. Mine just wasnt solid anymore.

We are so happy to hear that you moved to the stages and that we are part of your journey! Feel free to contact us any time if you have suggestions, feedback, or questions.

Keep it up and happy mixing!

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