Cannot engage SYNC button when loading tagged songs from Mix in Keys

Software: All the latest versions
Mac OS: High Sierra, latest version

As of a few days ago DJ Pro basically rendered thousands of my library tracks useless as I had analyzed them with Mixed in Keys and then run them through DJCU for automated cue point and key assignment.

Whenever I load any of those tracks into one of the decks, the SYNC button disengages and I have to manually beat match the tracks.

If I load two unanalyzed tracks into the decks I can re-engage sync but as soon as there is only ONE MIK analyzed track in there the system goes weird.

Opening the same files in Serato and Rekordbox doesn’t cause any issues at all.

Please see the attached movie.

Are u guys aware of this? What do you suggest as a solution?

Thank you,


Hey Louis,

I’m the author of both the DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) as well as the Rekordbox Cue and Key (ReCK) Tool. I’ve seen you post this message on several forums now.
The issues you describe has nothing to do with Mixed in Key. MiK doesn’t create cues for Rekordbox, that is a function of ReCK, and MiK doesn’t write to djay Pro, that is a function of DJCU based on the Rekordbox data. The analyzation MiK performs does not influence either Rekordbox grids nor djay grids.

When you first reported this problem in my YouTube channel I’ve requested you to contact me over email with the credentials the apps were bought with, I don’t have your name on file as a buyer of either app.
So if you want help please contact me over email, provide me with the requested data and lets take it from there.

Hi Pete, thank you so much for replying. I didn’t see the youtube reply as I don’t have notifications set up for it for I usually don’t use that channel for tech support issues. It was something like a last resort. I will be resending an email that I’d send on dec. 31 to you again. (email would coming from