Cannot get Sampler to go to pre-cueing headphones using Pioneer DDJ-SB

I like to use samples in some of my mixes. However, I have been unable to get them to go through anything but the main output of my Pioneer DDJ-SB. I would like to be able to hear them through the pre-cueing headphones as well as the output source. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

I have been using the headphones on channels 3-4. I have not had any issues adjusting the headphones mix and everything else works as expected with the pre-cueing headphones. Thank you!

I noticed this as well with my Numark Mixtrack Pro II. Assumed that this was a feature not a bug, as the cue channel is not for program outputs. But I am interested to know if this was just an oversight.

If it’s a feature that’s okay. But I would like a switch added within the program to be able to send it through whichever channels I need. When I have my headphones on I like listening to the samples while I’m playing them. Sometimes I don’t have the best audio feedback from my speakers that are playing out.

Before I had a controller I used one of DJ headphone cable splitter with my iPad. I just confirmed that it plays the samples through the split line of the headphones set to pre-cueing.