Cannot hear music via receiver from djay app

Hi all

New on Djay Pro…and maybe this is not the place where it belongs,… but i will find out.

When i use the DJay app,… i can only hear it on the device.
I have a Yamaha RX - V6A Receiver with speakers.
When i use Spotify, or Tidal… i can choose this setup (on the Iphone/Ipad) and i have sound on the speakers… but this option is not availible in Djay Pro.

Hope somebody reconize this…

Thank you for the help…

Hi @boing, how are you connecting your iOS device to the receiver?

I’m going to assume you are connecting to the receiver via Bluetooth.

  1. If so, swipe down from the top right corner of your iOS device while in djay to reveal the iOS Control Center.
  2. From here, select the Bluetooth speaker icon and select your receiver instead of your iOS device.

Hi Sjak_jaw,…

Thanks for your answer,…
it is a Wifi/network Receiver…
BUT…that was the solution…at the end.
Thank you…!

It works… i got soud,… but it works not that fast … it is slow, eveything ii do it is seconds later… :frowning_face:
But i got at least sound.

Thanks again for your quick help

You’re welcome @boing. Latency is quite normal for wireless connections like this. For the best results, I recommend you connect to your receiver with a wired connection either through a DJ controller, DJ audio interface or simply a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to RCA cable. For the last option, unless your iOS device has a headphone socket, you will likely also need a Lightning to headphone adapter or USB-C to headphone adapter.