Cannot Import Songs into Djay own Library


In this Djay software in macOS it is still not possible to import music e.g. from Apple Music Playlist.
I can play it from the iTunes playlists itself, but I see no option to ‘import’ this or add it to the Djay “own” music-bank (the one most above) like I can do it on the iPad version.

I asked this before as a question, but didn’t get an answer yet.

Because I desparately need this option right now I am posting it again as a bug.

Hey @Slak_Jaw . Are you able to answer this?

Because should be an easy question and I need it badly. Or is it a bug?

Hi @DJ_Big_Blender, I don’t currently have access to a macOS device to check this myself so this topic has been assigned to another moderator. They are investigating it further and will respond here when they have news. Thanks!

Ok. Thank you.
Maybe they could already tell me how it should work? (where to find the option to import)

Just by pointing to an instruction, picture or video or something.

Hi @DJ_Big_Blender, I believe the way to do this on macOS is by using the Split Library View when the Library is in Expanded Mode. Once in this display mode, you should be able to drag and drop from the Apple Music Source into a playlist in the My Collection Source. This is a screenshot from the Windows version.

Yes!! That worked finally thanks a lot!

But why not have the same workflow for this function as the Windows and mobile (iOS) version?
(adding via the plus next to playlist)

Users are used to that and are frustrated when they have to search for it like a needle in a haystack. At least I was.

You’re welcome @DJ_Big_Blender. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it onto the dev team.