Cannot load Spotify playlists (NSURLErrorDomain error -1002)


I purchased Djay Pro a couple of weeks ago and then everything worked fine. I could login to Spotify and see my playlists. But this week I can’t see my playlists in the PLAYLISTS window. I only get a message saying “The operation could not be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1002.) Try again” (see picture below)

I have tried and tried, I have logged out and logged in but the same message is showing up. I can search in Spotify and play the music I find in my search but I cannot see my playlists.

Any help is appreciated.

I’m getting a nearly identical error. (1001 vs 1002)

found a possible workaround. I quit djay pro, turned WiFi off and back on again, then restarted and my lists are back. hope this helps someone else

edit (I’m on a Mac running Yosemite)

it came up again today, same error can’t load spotify

Interesting. If this error comes up again, please let us know. It’s most likely a different issue than the original post.

I have a same issue, but restarting WiFi doesn’t work unfortunately.

I get error code -999 Using a Facebook login on my phone. It works fine on my other iOS devices. I upgraded my phone to an iPhone SE and I keep getting this error.

I had an issue where I couldn’t load Spotify songs yesterday. I started the Spotify program and then Djay worked. Not sure if that’s the same issue or not.

Same here. Didn’t work from the beginning…

Thanks for the replies. I had a conversation with Algoriddim and they know about this issue. It is because I have a Swedish letter in my Spotify username. They are working on a solution but cannot tell me when this will be implemented. So I have to wait or use another account while waiting…