Cannot log into TIDAL on my IPad or IPhone “you have been locked”

I cannot log into Tidal on both my Iphone and iPad as I have a message you have been locked. I don’t use VPN and didn’t find any solutions so far. I tired to uninstall and reinstall but no result. Tried to contact support and TIDAL but no response. Thanks for your help as I was planning to use TIDAL tonight for a party. Last point SoundCloud and Beauport seems to work so it seems to be only a problem with TIDAL. Thanks for your help.

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I just went to their support page and asked their bot:
" Accounts may be blocked for various reasons, such as failed payments or fraud. If your account is blocked because of failed payments, please update your payment method at"

Hi there. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is via tidal them selves.

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Hi @Jlm,

Just wanted to check in with you to see if this issue was ever resolved between you and Tidal in the off chance that another user runs into this problem in the future.

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!