Cannot mix same song on multiple decks

So I have the same song on deck 1 and deck 2. On Deck 1 it is on a loop and on deck 2 the song is playing along. When I then press “sync” the song on deck 1 jumps away from the loop and goes on to the same line as where the song is on deck 2 and you can hear some distortion. It seems that when you press sync the song jumps to whichever you want that to sync with and tries to align them in sync, which is not what I want when just want them to beatmatch.

There is a way,
If you rethink (remix) that process. You can sync first, then loop one deck.
The sync will remain lit and in sync.
I know it is not what you want, but works.

Yes, when you sinc the same songs, it always does that. I think it’s an automatic assumption that you want the songs to be playing at the same position. I don’t know if there’s a way around that outside of manually mixing and not using the sync button.