cannot pre-cue on djay app with idjlive hardward

I’m wondering if I’ve set up something wrong with my software. I got the idjlive hardware yesterday, and tested out on both my Macbook and my iPad using the djay app. Here are the problems:

  1. i want it so that if my crossfader is on the right, the right turntable is playing to the audience. and the left is playing in my headphones. However, no matter whether i turn on invert crossfader, turn up the split output volume all the way to CUE or all the way to MIX, the audience speakers will play everything- left and right turntables- at the same time. I’ve tried pushing on or off the little headphone icon on the software, tried turning the volume up or down on the hardware…nothing will allow me to have consistent pre-cueing in my headphones.

Also, and this is hard to explain without demonstrating but, sometimes the software would invert (so crossfader on left is playing right) and i would have to go back and forth for the audience to begin to hear the track i was cueing.

Lastly, the crossfader isnt “fading”. I have to push it flush all the way to one side in order for it to start playing the track. there’s no gradual fade out from one and into the other.

You need a splitter cable for pre listening. Idjlive has no sound card.

You van set the crossfader curve in the settings. Its cutting mode in djay2 midi settings.

Second, go into settings, pre queing, select split output.

DJ Ivan is right, you need to enable the “Split Output” feature in the settings.

Thanks! I will adjust the cutting mode settings…as for the other part I have multiple splitter cables that i’ve tried and none have worked. Even the one that came with the controller in the box. That’s why I’m wondering if it’s something with the software. There is just no setting I’ve tried that will make it work the way (I intuitively think) it should

Thanks. I’ve enabled all of those settings, and tried multiple combinations of the invert crossfader settings etc. but it’s still not working which is why I wrote in to the message board. Wondering if there’s any truth to needing to have the specific GRIFFIN brand audio splitter cable for it to work (as opposed to using the one that comes in the box with the controller)