Cannot pre-cue using Denon Mc6000 Mk2 controller

I already installed the right drivers, updated W10 and checked the outputs, but it doesn’t let me pre-cue. In the cue/master knob, I can just listen to the master side. And it doesn’t let me press the cue buttons of each channels.

Help please

Does your Denon have built in audio-interface that allows two sound-sources?

Hi Tarek,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Are you able to pre cue by selecting your Laptop as Pre Cueing out and connecting your Headphones to your Laptop?

Yes I am able to pre-cue with my laptop or an external interface / sound card, but with a little delay that doesn’t let you beat match properly which is pretty annoying. That’s why I need help pre-cueing directly from the dj controller. With my Pioneer WeGO4 I can select it as “Main output” AND “Pre-cueing device”, but not with the Denon Mc6000 MK2.

I feel seriously scammed since I bought this controller because it is in the list of “Natively supported controllers”, so it is supposed to work plug-and-play.

Please help me!