Cannot remove library locations

Windows 10 - Cannot remove library locations

  1. Which device do you have? Windows PC
  2. Which OS version is running on your device? Windows 10
  3. Which djay version are you using? 1.0.2775.0
  4. Installation type? Windows store
  5. Please explain step-by-step the issue you are experiencing, what you expect to happen, and what actually happens.
  6. I need to completely uninstall/re-install the program.

However, when I do so via Window 10 uninstaller it still retains the library and iTunes library locations.

I thought I got rid of those by deleting anything with the word DJay Pro from my system but nope.

Any suggestions?

BTW, I submitted a support ticket (#182834)
as well but so far…crickets.

I put this in the bug report area as well and nothing.

As I paid for the software and enjoy it on my iPad it would be great to get support so that I may use it on my Windows system.

Yeah… welcome to the pain of developing perfect install/uninstall feature on Windows.

Been there, done that… And it’s really annoying to get it right.

The thing is…
For example : that data might be written to Windows registry when you define it i.e. configure your app.

When app is installed i.e by default when it
follows Windows guidelines, installation tracks only the changes what are done when app is installed. It doesn’t cover up the configuration done when app is running.

So when installation is done, it’s create a log of changes what it has done and based on that log the uninstall rolls back the changes. It doesn’t know what you have done while running the app.

Any suggestions?

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There are tools which finds out unnecessary stuff from your Windows.

But they are for expert! If you don’t know what you are doing or trying to fix, you might end up loosing all of your data and stuff

Best advise : fresh install of Windows at least once a year and you get rid of all this kind of stuff.

This document describes folders where data is stored

One option is to check if the folder is there after uninstallation and remove it, if it makes different.
Remember… you might also delete important stuff as well…

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@dj_romy_fi Used RevoUninstaller and hope that does the trick. Thank you for your feedback.