Cannot remove start/end cue points

Hi! How do I remove start and end cue points on DJay Pro 2?

If I use the menu: [Deck 1/Cue Points/Reset Cue Points] (or keyboard short cut Shift-Alt-Q) the cue points (gray triangles) disappear from above the waveform, however, the next time I load the same song the cue points are still there.

The only cue points that are removed permanently by [Deck 1/Cue Points/Reset Cue Points] (or keyboard short cut Shift-Alt-Q) are cue points 1, 2, 3, etc. (red, green, blue, etc.).

Thanks for the suggestion. Ejecting after resetting cue points unfortunately has no effect. The cue points still reappears when reloading the song.

Try ejecting the deck (Triggers Clouding) after deleting your cues.
Then reload the same song, cues should be gone.

We have tried to reproduce the issue described above, however when we set up to 8 cue points and reset them via the menu item, and reload the track, the cue points are gone as expected. Are you seeing this issue with specific cue points. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce again please?

Note that you can also reset a cue point by holding the set cue button for that specific cue point for about 1 second.

Any fix for this? The whole UI around start and end points kinda sucks…