Cant Access Music (since spotify was added??) for ITunes Playlists

On DJay 2 , it seemed to be working fine, now when opening it prompts you to select Itunes or Spotify after attempting to select a playlist.

(I dont have Spotify and can’t access it anyway)

It wont let me get past the ITUNES selection and all of the songs below are “grayed” out where you cant select them i.e. - cant get into the playlist any longer??

You can access the songs under songs …but not under playlists???

HELP!!! I have a huge librabry of playlists that I can’t access through this app any longer!!!

Hi Mike,

What exactly happens when you try to load the songs? Are there any error messages?

Also, please open the Music app and go to “Songs”. Are there any cloud icons next to your songs? If yes, please tap the cloud icons to download your songs to your device.