Can't access music stored in iCloud using Djay Pro on my mac.

Hi everyone, can anyone please explain to me why I’m unable to access my music stored in iCloud on my mac? I’m able to access all my music stored in iCloud on the phone app, but it simply doesn’t work on my mac. All the folders, which are filled with music that I created on my phone from iCloud, show up on my mac, but when I click on any of those folders, they are empty. When I click on the + icon and try to add the music from my iCloud drive, tall the songs are greyed out & I can’t select them. I can access & play all my iCloud music on my phone app. Am I doing something wrong on the mac? Any help will be really appreciated.


I mentioned this a week or so ago.

For some reason the iOS versions allow you to add Files or Folders from iCloud.

The macOS version only allows adding Folders from iCloud.

It’s been reported as a bug.

In the meantime, add the tracks you want to a folder then add that folder to the app.

You can then allocate them to playlists etc from there.


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Thanks for your answer Sooteee. So this is actually a bug. Glad that I’m not doing anything wrong. When you say “add the tracks you want to a folder then add that folder to the app” Do you mean put that music in a folder on the actual mac? If that’s what you mean then cool, I already did do that. The majority of the music I use is directly on the mac or an external drive. I have limited storage on my mac though and almost all my music is backed up in icloud, so I was just hoping to use my icloud backup if & when needed. Hopefully the bug will get squashed soon. Thanks again.


Hi, you can use the iCloud as a backup (as long as you have a connection), but the music has to be in folders as the Mac app will only let you add folders from iCloud at this time.


Ok, so now I’m not too sure we are experiencing the same issue then. I have a solid internet connection. All my music is already in folders in icloud. The problem I’m having is, when I add those folders to Djay on my mac, the folders are added, but they are empty. Folders created on my phone / ipad show up on my mac, but also empty. On my phone though, all the folders have the tracks in them. I can load & play all the tracks within any icloud folder on my iphone / ipad, however absolutely no music is in any of the folders on my mac.


I see, the one thing I can think of to check is that the iCloud files on the Mac are already downloaded from the cloud to the folders.

If it’s just showing the file with the little cloud with arrow icon, it means the file is still in the cloud and not on the Mac.

Djay can’t stream from the cloud and can only use tracks that are already downloaded.

Might be worth looking at….



Are you saying that I must download the music from icloud back onto the mac? That kinda defeats the point of online storage doesn’t it? Basically then Djay doesn’t actually support icloud, as all it’s doing is accessing a folder on the mac called icloud, the same as it would with any other folder on the computer. Strangely enough, I have none of the music on my phone, but Djay ios plays them without a problem.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding this topic/issue between djay and the iCloud/Files source.

We’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further review.

@magrepairs In the meantime, may I ask what version of macOS and djay you are using?

Thanks so much!

Hi NathanielAlgo.
Sorry for the delayed reply.
I’m using a 2020 M1 Macbook Air, Running on Ventura 13.6.4 with latest version of Djay.

Hi @magrepairs,

Our engineering team would like to know if the track files in question can be accessed and played from within the Finder app on your Mac.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Hi NathanielAlgo.

Yes, the files can be viewed & played from within Finder. What happens is that when I want to play the track, it first downloads, then plays. I am totally fine with this, as I’ll just delete the music after my set to keep my space optimised. The issue is that within Djay, the folders contain no music, they are empty. Basically I would like to see the music within my iCloud folders even though they need to be downloaded first to play. The same way it works on ios.

Hi @magrepairs,

Thank you so much for sharing this update!

I will reach back out when our team provides another update on your case.

We appreciate your patience and consistent communication!