can't adjust fine tune in and out loop when set

i would like to be able to fine tune the end and start from the loop on my DDJ-FLX4 manual and fine tune this with the jog wheel… set a loop in / out, than fine tune it by hitting again loop in /ajust with jog will, hit out loop / fine tune whit jog wheel…i tried this but still not working like this

and i found even no other way than delete the loop en set it again , and again…

Unfortunately, this does not work. This functionality still seems to be reserved for CDJs and Rekordbox.

well. if they can do it, than why not djay ?..or do they bought the rights from it ?

i did this on my flx4 with rekordbox and works fine… but i went over to djay because i can midi map there every midi controller (GM),whits can not on rekordbox on ipad pro and therefore not all " ways" that are on rekordbox works somewhere els. but… would be nice if that added this option

I can’t imagine that it’s a question of rights. But does it even work outside the Pioneer universe with any controller and other DJ software?

i have a flx4 but has like all dja gear above ddj 400 and has a in and out loop like on club gear.
so when i st a loop, and hit IN or OUT again, i can with the jog wheel turn the loop bigger or smaller. so meansfor me that any gear with those basic mixer knobs can do this (on rekordbox that is… )…so year ,i think it should work, and surly when the gear is suported for rekordbox and my flx4 is…

this is not working on DJAY RO on ipad pro… so hoop they do this op tion to

I also wish that this would work, but I’m not convinced that every device can do it. I’d be really interested to know whether it works with Serato or, for example, Denon devices, as we know it from Rekordbox and Pioneer.

understand it, this would only happen if ALL, djay site with hardware and software would make 1 system that aplys to all softw and hardware withs IS possible if they all agree to this, but till now i did not find anything that even talked abouit this . so until that is happend,

and this is with a lot of things… see it like a mouse for a pc, mac ipad… intel…del…and wat have you for hardware… on all of them the same mouse with usb or dodge wil work…
now ofcause djay stuff is a bit more complicated but… still posible … and makes it to for them al lot easyer too… because they don’t have to develop a midi system,lik now djay has his one rekordbos has his one…serato…etc…
IF 1 sytem works flallesly, and put this in all of them … than that problem is solved.