Can't cross fade

Hey guys I’m sorry I’m a bit of a novice. I’ve just bought the splitter for the head phone sync but when I have this enabled I can’t get the two tracks to seamlessly cross fade into each other. Once I beat match the tracks I have to push the cross fader all the easy to the edge to change the track but for some retarded reason the it won’t gradually mix the two tracks into each other! It works fine when I’m not using the headphone pre cue and live mixing. What am I doing wrong???

Hi Ed,

Does this happen on the master output or your pre-cueing output? Please note that the sound that goes to the pre-cueing output is not necessarily the main mix (which would defeat the purpose of pre-cueing). On the headphones, you usually hear the opposite side of the crossfader. Optionally, you can choose to mix it the main mix partly on your headphones. To do this, tap the gear icon, go to Advanced and enable “Show Cue/Mix Slider”. Then on the main settings page you can move the cue/mix slider towards the right to hear part of the main mix on your headphones.

lol, no problem. Glad to hear everything is working now.

Thanks Warren. Silly me, just realized it was cause I had the headphone jack in the master out output! Silly me! hahahah