Can't delete a End Cue point

Hey there!
I am going nuts:
I have a Cue End point which somehow is at the beginning of a song.
When i reset / delete the Cue Point the Cue Point is disappeared but when i play a different song and then again the song where i deleted the Cue End Point, itis THERE AGAIN(!)
I used different Layouts, always the same problem with this song from spotify
(It worked all fine, just until now)

Did you try deleting and reinstall the song?
Or is it Spotify?

Hey Phillippe,
thanks a lot for your comment! The problem is that when the song starts it already fades out. i don’t have no time to use the shortcut:-/

I can remove / clear the Cue point, but itis always there back again:::

If you use Djay Pro 2 you can map a keyboard shortcut or on your controller for «Clear End Point». If you use Djay Pro 1 you can only map it on a controller.

I have the same problem… for just one song… just happens to be my favorite one too… drives me fucking crazy…I guess that’s what we get when we use closed source commercial products… I would love to see the source code.