Can't Delete Tracks from Automix Queue

I’m trying to delete songs that have been added to the Automix Queue and I can’t seem to do so. I can’t right-click them and get any menu to pop up. There’s not command in the top menu that I can find that will do so.

How do I delete tracks from the Automix Queue?

I’m sure someone using Mac will give you the correct answer.

In the windows version. Clicking the right mouse on a track gives the option to delete from the queue.
Left mouse allows you to drag the track to the right play position.

I am using Djay IOS on an IPad and with that you just touch a track and it pops up with the option to Play now, play next or delete. You should also be able to drag the track to any position too. (I plugged a mouse in and that works the same way with a left click).

I can only see that happening if you were clicking on a playlist and not the queue. Just a thought!

Hi BrotherJames,

You can remove tracks from the (Manual, Match, and Playlist) Automix Queue by right-clicking on the track you’d like to delete, see the screenshot below.

Are you able to right-click at all?

Could you please tell us what macOS version you’re currently running?

Hope to hear from you again.


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