Can't get DJAY to play 2 outputs (speaker / Headphone) with DDJ 200

Hi Everyone,
I am very new to mixing music, and have recently purchased the Pioneer DDJ-200 controller as well as DJAY Pro for my laptop.

I have a problem however. I connect my DDJ-200 to my laptop through USB. Then I use the included split cable from Pioneer in my jack on the pc. I connect my BOSE QC35 headphones in the headphone output and my external speaker (JBL in this case) in the speaker output. So far so good (I think?)

The problem however is, that when I connect the splitter cable, DJAY recognizes it as “Headphones”. And no matter what I choose as main output and pre-cue it either plays both decks through my desktop speaker (I don’t even want to use that) or play both the pre-cue and main output on BOTH speaker/Headphone at the same time.

There’s nowhere in the settings that I can choose my speaker for Main output and headphones for pre-cue which is essentially what I want.

I am pretty new to this, so after 10 hours of researching online, I am asking here what I’m doing wrong.

To cut it short; What I want is main output to play on the speaker and listen to the next track coming up (pre-cue I guess) through my headphones.


In Settings go to “Audio Device Setup” - “Pre-Cuing” choose “Split Output”.

This should get you splitter cable to work properly.

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@mckellberg I don’t have the Windows version of djay, but on iOS you can find the Split Output in the Pre-Cueing drop-down menu when you have a headphone splitter cable attached. This option will only be available when the splitter cable is connected.

But I don’t Seem to get that option?

I Can choose headphones in main output (then both songs play both on the speaker and headphones) - can’t choose speaker only or split output. It is as If the program recognizes both speaker and headphone as one item but only as “headphones”.

If I Mark Split out put as pre-cue it doesn’t change a thing?

Man! I Think I managed to fix it :joy: thanks for your help :ok_hand:

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