Can't link Spotify

I’ve downloaded the paid-for Android version on my Nexus 10. I have a Spotify premium account but it keeps on saying that I don’t have one when I try to load a track onto the deck.

Google Play (where I also have music) also doesn’t appear to be able to sync up.

Any idea what to do?!

Google play is not supported and with Spotify you will need to deinstall the software and reinstall it. Maybe it works then maybe it won’t.

Hi guys,

Yes, Joscha is right, djay 2 doesn’t support Google Play Music. Unfortunately, there’s no way for 3rd-party apps, such as djay, to load and play Google Play Music songs. In order to play Google Play Music songs with djay, you need to:

download the songs to your computer

then transfer them to your device using a USB cable:

About the Spotify issue: Can you log in via the default Spotify app / website?