Can't load MP3s from SD card on Android

I sync all my MP3s to my Android phone using syncthing (check it out, it’s great!) and have previously used VLC to play these.

Having now bought djay I expected it to be a great improvement - but I can’t find the option to select which folder to look in for my MP3s :frowning: I haven’t yet been able to use djay at all.

How do I tell djay to look in /mnt/extSdCard/Android/data/com.nutomic.syncthing/files/ ?

I can’t sync to another directory using syncthing as not only do I not have enough space on my phone’s internal storage, but my phone is not rooted and syncthing won’t write to any other directory. (Any Android app can read from it, though…)

Hi Jonathan,

We’re so sorry for letting you wait for so long.
djay2 reads the information of the Google Play Music app. You won’t be able to see your music in djay, if you can’t see it in the Google Play Music app.
Please try to sync your library with the Google Play Music Manager:

Hi, it’s been almost two weeks - can Algoriddim help here please?

Thank you wilson1987… But this is Android, not iPhone. I have gigabytes of MP3s on my SD card, and I can’t play any of them! :frowning: