Can't log in Tidal on Djay Pro

DJay gives me a message that name or password are incorrect when trying to login to Tidal. They are correct. When using Facebook, the page gets stuck.

Hi Dominic, Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear about this issue. Can you remember any error being displayed despite that your credentials are false? Also can you log into your I assume two accounts now in the Tidal web browser?

To elaborate on the subject, I had no issues logging in to Tidal on my Sonos. Can anyone help me with this, cause I would really like to keep on using Djay with Tidal instead of Spotify?

Finally got it to log in through my Apple ID. The only thing is, this automatically created a new Tidal account. Seems like a strange glitch in the system, but I’m fine now.
I will quit communicating to myself now in this thread :wink:

Hi Lukas,

For your information: the first Tidal account was created directly on Tidal. For the second Tidal account I went via Algoriddim to create it. Because I used my Apple ID for the second account, this automatically meant this account was connected to a different email address.

It turned out that after renewing my password on my first Tidal account, I could actually log in in djay. Which is strange, because I didn’t need to do that for logging Tidal in on my SONOS setup.
Why I couldn’t use facebook to perform the login also remains a mistery. No error messages were ever shown; after trying to enter via my facebook account and password, the tab simply went from dark blue to light blue and then nothing happened…

The second Tidal account I simply terminated afterwards, because I didn’t want to go through the process of transferring my playlists from Spotify again. Besides, I don’t need two accounts…

Before terminating the second account however, I could simply log in and out and switch between both accounts in the Tidal web browser (and in djay too for that matter)

Hope this more detailed info helps you in trying to figure out what happened here in order to avoid others having similar issues. In any case, my problem got solved and I remain a happy djay-user (maybe even happier, because Tidal sounds better than Spotify on big speakers!)