Can't log into Spotify

I just got a 9.7 inch iPad Pro and can’t log into Spotify, I have never had this problem on my other iPads.

I get this error

I use Facebook to login

Hi Jerod Oster,

sorry to hear about your issue. We are aware of this problem and are testing our fix at the moment.

In the meantime till the fix is going live, please connect to your Wifi in flight mode and log in to Facebook in Safari.

After doing so please try to log in to the Spotify djay integration again.

I hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

I have the same issue.

Same here, recommended steps above do not allow login to Spotify with Facebook login.

Slight mode doesn’t work still

Same issue here djay Pro with iPad Mini 4 … Tried recommended steps above, still no success.

Same issue exists on djay 2. If you need users to test fix please let me know.